01 Support

Our specialist team will provide a therapeutic programme with core objectives, delivering high quality care and support. Consideration will be given to the challenges and potential of each person as an individual.


Care planning and risk assessments will encourage a multi-disciplinary, yet person-centred and holistic approach that that will enable the individual to have the autonomy to make as many decisions for themselves relating to all aspects of their care and support needs, ensuring they lead an enriched and fulfilling life. We cansupport individuals to get in touch with multiple agencies to facilitate individual counselling and group therapy sessions.


.At House 21 we aim to make a positive difference to people's lives, enabling greater independence , better outcomes and increased choice.

02 Community Integration

House 21 gives our people the freedom to live independently, to prepare them for when they eventually finish their stay with us. Re-integration is at the centre of our vision and we hope that our people learn to understand and accept that they can be an important part of their community, not only through re-integration and the encouragement of others, but also by giving back through voluntary participation in groups, societies, services and exploring the beautiful surrounding landscape Margate has to offer. 



03  Future Settlement

By the time our people are ready to leave us they will have recieved the full support required to resettle into life with complete independence. We will ensure they have help to find new homes and career prospects in order to maintain their progress and prevent readmittance into rehabilitation.  


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